Automatic Shutter Systems

Automatic Shutter Systems

Automatic shutters are shutters that are generally used in workplaces, which are used to close doors or windows, and have an automation system preferred because of their security and decorative appearance. Old-style shutters were used in the form of wooden flaps and lids made using iron or sheet materials.

So they either did not provide enough security or it would be very difficult to open and close these shutters, it would have been necessary to have a significant physical effort . Moreover, they were generally not perceived well in terms of appearance due to the materials they were made and the physical impact they received during opening / closing.

Automatic shutters, on the other hand, are shutters that can be manually controlled with the help of a remote control or a wall-mounted button / switch, unlike the old-style shutters. In other words, it is not necessary to apply physical force to make them open and close. For this reason and because they eliminate the possibility of accidents during these processes, they are much more useful than the old type shutters.

Other advantages they provide include the materials used in their manufacture and the ability to be used with different color options or designs. Aluminum, steel ,? galvanized Automatic shutters produced using such raw materials offer a stylish appearance. Of course, they can be produced / used in different sizes according to the size of the door, window or garage door they are used in and painted in different colors according to personal preferences. In addition to their long life, they provide a high level of security thanks to the materials and systems they are used in, and that they meet the expectations of the owners of workplaces or houses that attach importance to appearance .

 Automatic Shutter Types

It may not be correct to generalize that there are the following types of automatic shutters. Because the automatic shutter models available in the market are offered as different models according to the places they are used, whether they are electric or motor, and the brands of the motors they use. However, if it is necessary to divide them into groups, it may be possible to separate them into different types in terms of the places they are used and the power they use.

Automatic Shutter Types in Terms of the Source of Power They Use

In terms of the power options they use, we can divide the automatic shutters into 2 as electric automatic shutters and motorized automatic shutters .

Electric Automatic Shutters

There is no significant difference with motorized automatic shutters in terms of operating systems. Only the source that provides the energy necessary for its operation is changing. As with all automatic shutters, they are generally used outdoors.

It can be used manually with a switch or button, as well as models that are produced to be used with a remote control. You can mount the switch or button just to the side or above the window or door. Whether you use it manually or use it with a remote control, it will automatically stop when it reaches the opening and closing points.

It can only be opened or closed with the help of a remote control or switch with which it is synchronized. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that it provides maximum security. As in all automatic shutter models, it can be produced in different sizes and different colors.

In addition to the security and good appearance it provides, it is generally produced from materials that are resistant to fire, various natural disasters and to protect the places where it is used, such as dust and misting. In other words, they also make important contributions to the provision of cleaning and hygiene conditions , which are considered to be very important especially for workplaces .

Motored Automatic Shutters

It can be said that the features other than getting power from the motors, which are known as shutter motors, are the same as the electric automatic shutters. Although there is some difference in working systems, these differences are not very important. In short, it can be said that electric automatic shutters have all the features they have and provide the same advantages.

Automatic Shutter Types According to Where They Are Used

Considering the places where they are used, we can divide the automatic shutter types into 3 as automatic shutters used in windows, automatic shutters used in doors and automatic shutters used in garages.

Automatic Shutters used in Windows

Automatic shutters used in windows are models that are usually controlled by a remote control and can be opened and closed according to the wishes of the users. But they can also be installed using different systems. For example, people whose houses receive sunlight in the afternoon and want the plants or pets in the house to benefit from this, but who are at work at that time, use automatic shutters on their windows, which are installed with systems that allow them to open and close automatically at certain hours.


Automatic Shutters Used on Doors

They are often used on the doors of shops and other businesses. But it can also be seen that they are used in some homes. Although it is rarely used in homes in our country, it is seen that automatic shutters can be installed on the doors of houses in western countries. Although they are preferred to be controlled with a remote control, it is also common to use them manually by installing a switch or button.


Automatic Shutters Used in Garages

They can be controlled remotely or manually. But usually with the help of photocells installed, they are automatically opened when vehicles approach the garage door, and automatically closed when the vehicle goes out or in and away from the garage door.


What are the Advantages of Automatic Shutter Systems? 

  • It is long-lasting. The most important advantage of emerging as a reason for preference is its long life. Our product, which is resistant to external effects with hot dip galvanized coatings, can be used for many years without any problems.
  • Can be customized. It can be designed according to the desired color and size and also can be arranged according to need. Automatic shutter systems are very easy to use and simple. In addition, apart from the convenience it provides due to its automatic nature, the automatic shutter provides convenience with its maintenance-free shutter. The product, which is very easy to clean, can clean itself with rain.
  • This system carries the security to the highest level. In addition to being in a deterrent structure against external dangers, it also raises the security to a higher level since there is no possibility of breaking the lock system like old products.
  • The automatıc shutter motor ıs powerful and durable. 

Functional Features

 The functional features of the shutter istanbul, which can be preferred to be used in stores and similar areas where security is required, are as follows;  

  • Security components have an extremely durable structure. ( Important note: We definitely recommend you to get information from our technical staff about how to maintain the product you bought. Thus, you will have the advantage of using a much longer life. )
  • It has a feature that is very resistant to any impact.
  • The product, which has an automatic structure, can be opened using a button or can be opened with a remote control.
  • Thanks to its automatic feature, it provides a fast and practical use.
  • Thanks to its automatic feature, it has a quality motor that works very quietly.
  • In case of a power failure, it can be used manually or by activating the backup generator.
  • Made of extremely durable materials, it is long-lasting and suitable for safe use for years.

What are the Usage Areas of Automatic Shutter?

 It can be used in any area where security is needed. Garage entrances and exits, shops, cafes , bars, garden, warehouse and factories are just a few of its usage areas.

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