Besiktas is a district of Istanbul. It has an 8.4 km long coastal road. There are Şişli and Kağıthane to the west and Beyoğlu to the southwest. It is neighbors with Sarıyer districts in the north. Its surface area is 18 km² and its population is 176.513 for 2020.

It is one of the small districts of the city of Istanbul in terms of both population and area. However, the connection roads of the 15 July Martyrs Bridge and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridges, which connect the two continents and the two sides of Istanbul, are in this district.

Universities, faculties and business centers are within the boundaries of this district. It is the most popular study center of large companies. It is also the center of Istanbul.

As such, 3 times as many people as the living population come here to work every day. Real estate value is very high. Houses in the district are generally old buildings. However, it is very attractive and valuable for investors.

The structuring generally consists of adjacent regular buildings. It is difficult to find luxury residences with landscaping and parking lots. For this reason, prices are high.

Beşiktaş consists of 23 neighborhoods. It is the district with the highest rank in terms of welfare, livability and cultural level in Turkey.

Famous Places

  • Arnavutköy
  • Aşiyan
  • Balmumcu
  • Bebek
  • Beşiktaş
  • Kuruçeşme
  • Ortaköy
  • Yıldız


Historical Places

  • Çırağan Sarayı
  • Dolmabahçe Sarayı
  • Dolmabahçe Saat Kulesi
  • Yıldız Sarayı
  • Ihlamur Kasrı
  • Beşiktaş İskelesi
  • BJK Stadyumu
  • Malta Köşkü
  • Ortaköy Camii


Beşiktaş is the place where the oldest living Turkish sports club was established. There is Beşiktaş Gymnastics Club (BJK), which has the same name as the district. It is one of the clubs in Turkey with the strongest ties to the district in which it was born. Beşiktaş’s fan group “Çarşı” has also gained fame with its reactions to social developments.


Universities in the District

  • Bogazici University,
  • Yıldız Technical University,
  • Galatasaray University,
  • Bahçeşehir University,
  • Turkish Armed Forces War Academies
  • Beykent University,
  • Kadir Has University,
  • Istanbul Technical University
  • Mimar Sinan University


Besiktas Restaurants

  • Summit Bar and Terrace
  • Ulus 29
  • Cafe Swiss
  • Vogue Restaurant
  • Günaydın Kasap Steakhouse
  • Laledan Restaurant
  • Feriye Palace
  • Nusr-Et


Besiktas Hotels

  • Conrad İstanbul Bosphorus
  • Swiss Hotel Bosphorus
  • W Hotel
  • Dedeman Istanbul
  • Wyndham Grand İstanbul Levent
  • The Stay Bosphorus
  • Hyatt Centric Levent İstanbul


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