Canal Istanbul

Canal Istanbul

Canal Istanbul Project and Route

The plan of the Canal Istanbul project has been clarified. The Canal Istanbul route, which has been at the center of many discussions since the first day, will be Küçükçekmece, Sazlıdere - Durusu corridor and will be 45 km long. Here are some prominent information in the news about Canal Istanbul:


The Sea is Coming to Başakşehir!

Canal Istanbul project area covers the districts of Arnavutköy (28.6 km), Küçükçekmece (7 km), Başakşehir (6.5 km) and Avcılar (3.1 km). Almost all of these districts have seaside locations, except Başakşehir. When the Canal Istanbul is completed, Başakşehir will now be accessible by sea. As the route of the project is determined, it is expected that the real estate sector will become active in these districts. 

Too much Soil from Canal Istanbul!

An estimated 1.7 billion cubic meters of soil will be extracted from the giant project that 5 thousand people will excavate by working like a mole without knowing it. This land will be transferred to agricultural land that needs fertile soil. The soil to be removed will first be separated into layers. The most productive parts will be moved to agricultural lands in regions such as Silivri, Çatalca and Şile. 

Why is Canal Istanbul Necessary?

Passage of commercial ships through the Istanbul Strait is regulated by the Montreux Agreement. At that time, the number of ships crossing the Bosphorus was 3,000 per year. This number has reached 50 thousand today. It is estimated that it will approach 100 thousand in the future. Only 17 thousand ships pass through the Suez Canal, which has a similar structure. With the daily city lines and fishing boats, the daily traffic of the Bosphorus reaches 2,500. 

Channel Istanbul Route

There are agricultural lands, partially forest areas and settlements on and around the announced route. In addition, there is the Sazlıdere Dam in this region, which provides Istanbul's 24-25 days of water demand. It is emphasized that the Sazlıdere dam will need to be canceled when the Canal Istanbul Project is implemented. The Canal Istanbul Project should not be considered only as a sea transportation project. There will also be structures such as emergency docks, emergency response centers, canal entrance and exit structures, ship traffic systems, port and marina. 

The Effect of Canal Istanbul on Real Estate and Land Prices

According to real estate experts, the regions that will make the most premium from Canal Istanbul will be Sazlıbosna, Dursunköy and Baklalı villages. Real estate agents in these regions report that they have received demands for "canal view" properties.

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