How do I make a house on my land?

How do I make a house on my land?

Whether in the city or outside the city, the dream of everyone who has a land is to build a house on this land. Those who want to build a house on a land must have a certain amount of capital as well as know the legal procedures required to build a house.

Well, you too, "I want to build a house on the land, what are the conditions of building a house on the land?" If you ask, here are the conditions for building a house in 5 questions;

1- Can anyone build a house on their land?

If the land is located in planned areas and it says "residence" in case of zoning, a house can be built on this plot. The zoning status certificate can be obtained from the relevant municipality.

If they are located in unplanned places, not to occupy more than 5 percent of the parcel surface, if there are no sanitary and aesthetic problems in these parcels, the total construction areas are 2 floors (250) square meters, the height of the eaves levels from the natural ground h = 6.50 meters, the road and the parcel boundaries ( Provided that it does not approach more than 5.0) meters, it is allowed to construct outbuildings of facilities such as vineyards or summer houses for a family to live or recreational or tourism facilities.

2- What permits should be obtained from where to build a house on the land?

In order to build a house on the plot, it is necessary to prepare the architectural project and apply to the zoning unit of the municipality with other necessary documents. The documents required while obtaining a building license are listed as follows:

1. License application petition.
2. Title Deed.
3. Zoning status (to be taken from the municipality).
4. Application document (to be obtained from the Cadastre Directorate).
5. Architectural project (Chamber approved).
6. Registration certificate from the Chamber of Architects.
7. Reinforced concrete project (Chamber approved).
8. Civil Engineer Chamber registration certificate.
9. Electrical installation project (Room approved).
10. Electrical Engineer Chamber Registration Certificate.
11. Plumbing project (room approved).
12. Mechanical Engineer Chamber registration certificate.
13. Soil investigation report.
14. Map application officer and documents.
15. Documents related to the Building Contractor. The contractor owner or another contractor authorized to build will take over.
16. Building inspection contract and documents of building inspection company.
17. Information form regarding the building.
18. Bank receipt showing that the building audit company has paid 20% of the fee.
19. Site chief contract.

3- Until when should the house construction be completed?

By law, after the construction license is obtained from the municipality, the building construction must be started within 2 years and must be completed within 5 years.

If the construction is not started within 2 years or if the construction is not completed within 5 years despite the start of construction within 2 years, the license becomes invalid. In this case, the license needs to be taken again.

4- What permit is obtained after the house construction is completed?

After the construction of the house is completed, a settlement certificate must first be obtained in order to pass on to the condominium deed. Settlement certificate is also obtained from the relevant municipality. If it is determined by the municipality teams that the real estate has been completed according to its licensed project, the building is settled. Otherwise, no occupancy permit is issued and the building continues to appear as a land in the title deed. Places that cause trouble in the settlement need to be fixed. If this correction is not made, the demolition process of the building begins.

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