Living Room Design How?

Highlight Elegance

Keeping the elegance at the forefront while maintaining the simplicity in the process of creating the hall design with modern breezes will help you create the decoration you dream of. The sofa set you prefer for the living room; The fact that it has a modern line and a flat form with little detail will reveal the general lines of the concept you want to create. Instead of heavy lounge suite products with thick lines, you can choose options with thinner and lighter appearance. Instead of furniture with details that evoke a classic style with shiny and motifs, you can create an atmosphere with contemporary lines by choosing pieces with predominant use of wood and metal. In this concept, which does not have much detail and complexity, the strong appearance created by the simplicity of your furniture will allow you to create a stylish atmosphere.

Get Simplicity with a Neutral Air

When creating a decoration with a simple look and a sense of calm, details such as the color tones and fabric preference you use are among the points you should pay attention to. While creating a living room design with modern traces, you can choose cold color tones in your sofa sets and you can preserve the plain atmosphere by choosing one color for your fabric. You can catch elegance by focusing on leather that reflects the modern line in your sofa fabrics. In your living room sets, instead of colorful choices, choosing pieces where wood-based products are combined with metal details will allow you to support the neutral atmosphere you create. You can choose colors such as gray, beige, ivory, light blue that reflect the neutral atmosphere on your walls and create unity with your furniture, so you can create a harmony that is compatible with the decoration.

Make Flat Choices By Reducing Patterns

The selection of carpets and curtains, which are among the details that complement the atmosphere you create in your living room, are also important in order to ensure integrity. The carpet you choose for your living room; It should not create a complex image with its patterns. For this reason, choosing plain carpets will give you an advantage in completing the simplicity you have provided.

Choosing carpet color in light tones such as white and beige will be a complementary detail in creating a modern living room design by adding freshness to the environment. You can choose your curtains in neutral tones that will match the wall and sofa set, or you can choose white to create a brighter atmosphere. You can protect the integrity by choosing plain and single color instead of curtains that will not fit the atmosphere you create with its patterned texture.

Enjoy yourself with the Corner Set

While creating a living room design that reflects contemporary lines, placing the corner set, which is a part of the modern style, in your living room will help you add the air you want to your decoration. Choosing a large and comfortable corner set will reflect the style you want to create and create a comfortable space.

You can create your favorite corner with your corner set, which will be the stop of your pleasant moments in your living room that you have created in a modern style to relieve the stress of daily life. You can add air to your living room with colorful pillows you can use on it by choosing from cold color tones that complement your decoration.

Include Metal and Copper Details in Accessories

While creating a living room design influenced by modern and contemporary breezes, you can complement the elegance you provide with your furniture and decoration with accessories with metal and copper details. You can combine the metal details on your wooden coffee tables, which are complementary to your living room set, with accessories in the same form of metal or copper, and you can provide a simple and elegant look with the integrity you create.

Choosing colorful and sparkling accessories for your console or coffee tables may cause you to direct the atmosphere of your decoration to the classic style. Therefore, it will be advantageous to support your decoration with accessories with geometric lines reflecting the modern style. You can add a stylish atmosphere to your walls in neutral tones by choosing dark metallic or copper colors for your accessories that complement the decoration, such as the clock you will use on the wall.

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