Why Does Every Rich Make Invest in Real Estate?

Buying a house is everybody's dream nowadays. Recently, the quality of housing and the increase in the market also support this to a great extent. Investors also think that the most rising value is real estate.

How do I make a house on my land?

Whether in the city or outside the city, the dream of everyone who has a land is to build a house on this land. Those who want to build a house on a land must have a certain amount of capital as well as know the legal procedures required to...

Investment Property Receivables Need to Know

The most valuable information for those who are thinking of buying a house to invest in real estate is the gain from the investments



Besiktas is a district of Istanbul. It has an 8.4 km long coastal road. There are Şişli and Kağıthane to the west and Beyoğlu to the southwest. It is neighbors with Sarıyer districts in the north. Its surface area is 18 km² and its population is 176.513 for 2020.