What Are Smart Home Systems? How Does It Work?

What Are Smart Home Systems? How Does It Work?

What you're curious about smart home technology and practical tips you can use to build your own smart home;

Today's technology and IoT are rapidly transforming lifestyles, through simple yet innovative tools provided by the digital world.

The smart home market exceeded $ 30 billion in 2016, according to research. By 2025, that figure is expected to exceed $ 97 billion.

Smart Home Technology

Using the latest technology to control different functions in homes, smart home applications make it easy to manage household tasks with the help of our mobile phones, which have become an important part of our lives.

Right now on the market, it's possible to control everything from door locks to temperature control with smartphones. 

What Is A Smart Home?

The basic concept behind a smart home technology is that it offers a different way to automate a range of devices and items in your home.

TVs, kitchens, bathrooms and laundry appliances, locks, light bulbs, doors, audio and video can be controlled with numerous devices, smartphones or tablets.

How Smart Home Systems Work?

Smart home systems use the internet for connectivity, and often bletooth. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can control everything in your home remotely.

All smart devices are connected through a network and controlled automatically through that network.  There are plenty of devices on your smartphone that you can automate and make your life easier at home with a single click through an app.

Some things you can automate in your home:

Smart Bulbs

With a simple remote control, you can control all your home's light bulbs in one movement. You can adjust the light intensity and brightness, and program it for automatically turning it on or off for a specific time.

Smart Switches

Smart switches in your home let you turn off all the switches remotely if you forgot to turn off the lights. Some devices also have timing, and the on and off option can be set to the desired time.

Home Security Cameras

Home security cameras are one of the most important hardware of smart homes.

With advanced sensor technologies, you can monitor even the smallest amount of activity in the house, or with remote access you can see who comes to the door when you're not home.

Smart Door Lock

We are beginning to move past the era when Classic Keys are used to enter the House. Today, many technologies are used that automate keyless access.

With smart access apps, you can customize who can enter your home at what time, keep all in and out of the registry, and access doors digitally without the risk of losing keys.

Intelligent Climate Control

You can automatically adjust the temperature in extremely hot and cold environments with the help of an automated thermostat system installed in your home.

Smart White Goods

In recent years, numerous manufacturers have launched networked smart home devices. These devices are highly functional even though they are still in development.

You can connect to white goods remotely over an internet connection, and you can set various locations such as standby, start, and prepare according to a specific time.

Make Your Own Smart House

Before you go into details in Smart Home apps, you need to start with the basics. Smart devices operate over an internet connection. Therefore, first of all, your home should have a secure internet connection. Secure internet can be studied on 3 basis as bandwidth, wifi routers and cybersecurity.


A quality bandwidth speeds up the communication process, and especially as the number of devices increases, so does the need for bandwidth.

Bandwidth is also important for managing inbound and outbound data packets.

An appropriate bandwidth ensures that the signals reach all the devices they are expected to reach, and that the system works without packet loss or freezing.

Wi-Fi Router

When setting up a network connection for your home, make sure that the connection is securely distributed through the wifi router for all devices.


Always create a strong and unpredictable password for Network Security. Use WP2A encryption to strengthen your Wifi network .

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