What is a Power of Attorney?

What is a Power of Attorney?

A power of attorney is the authority we give a person to do business on our behalf in official institutions on any subject. Power of attorney is known as putting someone else in his place of his own free will. The attorney is responsible for performing the task assigned to him.

Power of Attorney

The written notification of the power of attorney is done by a power of attorney. With a power of attorney, we authorize a person to act on our behalf under certain circumstances. The person to be given a power of attorney must be in good mental balance and must be over eighteen years old. The power of attorney is given in the presence of a notary.

Power of Attorney Agreement

A power of attorney agreement is a contract in which the attorney does business on behalf of his client. For the power of attorney agreement to be valid, it must be in writing and approved by a notary. What the power of attorney agreement covers should be clearly stated by the proxy.


Does the Power of Attorney Have a Duration?

If there is no agreement between the power of attorney and the attorney about the duration, that is, if there is no information or restriction in the text of the power of attorney, the power of attorney does not have a duration. Power of attorney with no deadline is also terminated if the power of attorney gives up, the attorney resigns or the power of attorney dies.

What Matters can a Power of Attorney be Given?

Power of attorney can be given in matters related to inheritance and transfer transactions, divorce cases, purchase and sale such as vehicles, real estate, and title deed transactions.

It is also possible that the power of attorney is given conditionally depending on a certain condition. The attorney has to comply with all the conditions set by the proxy, that is, the client, in the agreement, and cannot act outside the agreement.

If the person who was given thepower of attorney suffered damage provided that he did not have any fault while doing the work in question, after proving his innocence, all the damage he encountered will be covered by the person who gave the power of attorney.

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