Wind Power

Wind Power

Wind energy is the kinetic energy of the air flow forming the wind. Some of this energy can be converted into useful mechanical or electrical energy.

Harmful gases are released into the atmosphere through fossil, nuclear and other methods, which pollute the air and water.

During the generation of energy from the wind, none of these harmful gases are released into the atmosphere, therefore wind energy is a clean energy, the only pollution it creates is noise. Turbine bodies are sound insulated to prevent noise. The noise produced by the propellers while rotating has been greatly reduced today.

What is Wind Energy?

It is an energy that is clean, does not pollute the environment and does not have fuel money. There is no raw material transportation cost in wind energy. The wind in nature can be used directly. Wind turbines are not complex machines.

They can be operated very simply without the need for an operator. They are designed to work fully automatically. In addition, in this way, they can work for 20-30 years with only periodic maintenance. Wind turbines do not explode or emit radiation. They have no thermal emissions to the atmosphere or to nearby rivers and seas. In addition, they do not cause any radioactive radiation damage. Therefore, they are not dangerous.

They do not burden citizens as a tax increase since they do not have rising oil prices or other sudden costs. The commissioning of a wind turbine can take place in as little as three months from the start of construction to commercial production. (Required for commercial power plants such as 600KW / 1MW). Wind turbines are modular and can be manufactured in any size.

If desired, they can be disassembled in a short time and transported to another location without any problems. They can also be used individually or in groups.

There are no dismantling costs for wind turbines at the end of their life. Because the scrap value of dismantled turbines easily meets the dismantling costs. After these plants have completed their lives, the area where the turbines are used can be easily restored.

How is Wind Power Generated?

Wind Turbine

In the simplest sense, a wind turbine consists of 3 parts.

1.    Propeller Wings:

When the wind blows, it hits the blades of the propeller and begins to turn it. In this way, kinetic (motion) energy is obtained with wind energy. The propellers are designed to rotate in the same direction when the wind blows.

2.    Shaft:

With the rotation of the propellers, the shaft attached to it also starts to rotate. With the rotation of the shaft, movement occurs in the motor and electrical energy is provided at the output of the motor.

3.    Generator (Generator):

It has a very simple method of operation. Electric energy is produced by electromagnetic induction. It is a system similar to the electric motor in small toy cars. It contains magnets. In the middle of these magnets, there is a section wrapped with thin wires. When the propeller rotates the shaft, this winding region inside the motor starts to rotate in the middle of the magnets around it. As a result, alternating current (AC) is generated.                            

 Grid Connected Systems

These are large systems such as 20 kW - 1.5 MW (power ratio can be increased) of wind turbines directly connected to the grid. The wind turbines connected to the grid are produced to meet the needs of medium and large scale enterprises, industrial facilities, municipalities, greenhouses, large cooperatives, social facilities, companies that distribute electricity generation and mines.

The annual maintenance cost of wind farms consisting of large turbines does not exceed 1% of the investment. The electrical energy obtained from the turbines to be installed under these conditions will be transferred to the network; It is delivered from a low cost, non-polluting, safe and renewable source.

You do not need permission from any institution to generate electricity up to a certain power (500 kW) from Renewable Energy Sources for your own needs.

With the enactment of the newly enacted Energy Efficiency Law, surplus electricity can be given to the main grid.

Cordless Systems

It is in the form of battery powered wind turbines (80 Watt - 20 kW) with small powers. Battery powered systems are generally applied where there is no network or where it is uneconomical or problematic to reach the grid. Small turbines are quite suitable areas of use in rural settlements, farmhouses, telecommunication transmitters, radio and forestry towers, military facilities, railway signaling, fish farms, greenhouses, mines, sea vehicles and some factories.

Reliable energy is provided by the storage of the generated energy. Battery powered wind turbines consisting of up to 4 moving parts are designed to require very little maintenance. Operating expenses are almost nonexistent. They are designed to withstand all kinds of environmental conditions. There are automatic control mechanisms, control systems that protect the system from overcharging, and they are also designed with automatic protection at very high wind speeds.

Approximate Depreciation Time of the Wind Turbine

There are models from 100 W to 1.5MW. Wind turbines are about 1/3 of the cost less than solar energy.

When a 200 W wind turbine is installed on the roof of a house in a residential unit with low wind speed, “With this turbine, it can generate 2.5 KW of energy per day. Of course, when we evaluate this on a monthly basis, it saves about 50 YTL in electricity. Of course, since this is a low watt turbine, it cannot meet the entire electrical energy of the house. Larger models can also be used. We can use it in buildings, detached areas, homes.

The higher models of wind turbines are industrial type and have the potential to meet the energy needs of one set, even a town. It is not always possible to find the constant wind. Wind energy produced can be stored in batteries. The quality of the batteries is also important here. We must use gel type batteries that provide the highest efficiency in world standards. These batteries have a lifespan of approximately 5 years.

The fixed cost of wind turbines is perhaps high, but these products can pay for themselves in an average of 5 years. Their mechanical life is around 20-25 years. Studies are carried out on new projects in the future. These are the projects that will increase the efficiency of wind turbines to 90 percent.

Wind Turbines provide electricity generation according to the alternator capacity. For example, a 500 Watt 12 Volt Wind Turbine can generate 500 watts of electricity per hour at optimal wind eg 10m / s (Wind Turbine operating range 2m / s - 20m / s). Therefore, you should choose the right wind turbine for your needs.

If you are in a windy area, you can meet the electricity needs of your home with the Home Type Wind Turbine. Well, if you are wondering what the wind speed is, let's say right away.

Wind Turbines start to operate at 2 m / s, but in order to operate efficiently, it must have a wind speed of 10 m / s. Therefore, even if the turbine rotates in a low wind, it will not be efficient.

In addition, if you are not sure about the wind speed, a flag can fluctuate continuously, the wind speed is around 12 m / s. If you have such a wind, you can generate your electricity with a wind turbine.

If you want to install a Wind Turbine for your home's energy needs, you must first make a list of the electrical devices you want to use.


The devices we want to use in our Vineyard house are as follows.

 3 Lamps (10 watt x 3 pieces)

 1 Refrigerator (200 Watt)

 1 TV set (150 Watt)

Total hourly electricity consumption of our vineyard house is 380 watts. Therefore, we can choose a 400 watt wind turbine or a 500 watt wind turbine to suit this.

You can run other electrical products in your home with larger wind turbines, as the hourly energy production will increase as the wind turbine capacity increases.


 Lighting (10 watts x 3 pieces)

 Television (150 Watt)

 Refrigerator (200 Watt)

 Washing Machine (2.200 Watt)

 Dishwasher (2.000 Watt)


A 2000 watt (2kw) wind turbine is required for the products listed above. In short, if your consumption is high, your energy production should also be high. Therefore, the wind turbine capacity should also be large.

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